Idea Gallery
Needing some help kick-starting an idea? Below are a few samples accompanied by a quick comment explaining their inspiration.

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Some idea starters:
•  Nursery themes (e.g. jungle, barnyard)
•  Seasonal (e.g. spring, holiday)
•  Birth state birds
A nifty narwhal for Nicole.
A mighty mole munching on an M for Max.
Playing off the nickname for this couple's newest arrival, Ella, we created "Chunky Monkey" feeling very content (and full) while catching a snooze.
The couple receiving this monogram knew they were having a boy, but weren't settled on a name yet. Playing off the couple's last initial, a curious bear meets his very first bee.
This was designed for a baby girl, Chloe, whose mom is proud of her Illinois roots. A baby cardinal, Illinois' state bird, is playfully paired with a bright, cute caterpillar.
A jelly for Josephine.
Aaron's parents, proud Florida Gators, wanted a finishing touch for their baby's "Little Swamp."
Even in the deep sea, things are bright and fun with a huggable octopus for Oliver.
This monogram was done for a momma whose son, Tristan, was getting a jungle-themed nursery so we created a little toucan perched atop a tree.
A couple wasn't sure if they were having a boy or girl. They did know the baby would arrive in spring. Bright colors and a baby robin set the tone beautifully next to their family initial.